Sitecore TokenManager

This will be the first of many blog posts regarding my new Sitecore module TokenManager.

  1. Preview
  2. Source code
  3. Nuget ( PM> Install-Package TokenManager)

How to install

I worked quite hard to make installation as simple as possible using a technique i developed to have Sitecore packages be automatically applied if their parts are missing or out of date Here. There are only two files used and they can be acquired with Nuget (under TokenManager).

  1. Tokenmanager.dll
  2. Tokens.config

Token Types

  1. Rules Token – Partial personalization
  2. Rendering Token – Component injection
  3. Dynamic Token – Session injection

Quick Start

You will see a new Sitecore item under content (it can be moved wherever you like).


From here you need to add a Token Collection Folder, Token Collection and Token items.  For this example we’ll assume the default Token Collection is being used.


Now that you’ve set up a token open up any item with a rich text editor and click the new Token Manager button.  (note that the package inserts the RTE button into the default RTE profile)


This will open up the token selector window.


Once you select your token it will be injected onto your page.


Once the page renders, it will swap out the token for the value you put in the value field.

Token Tracking

If you go to {host}/TokenManager you will be greeted with the management application where you can perform three actions

  1. View token usage – See where tokens are used and edit the items where they are.
  2. Incorporate a token – Find all text or match all regex and transform the text into a token.
  3. Undo a token – Find all usages of a particular token and undo them, either by removing them all-together or attempting to replace them with the token values.

Making it better

I will be posting detailed blogs on certain aspects of the TokenManager as i get time.

Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions in comments, or on twitter @jeffdarchuk.