Managing complex components in Experience Editor

Every once in a while you’ll run into a content component that’s simply too complicated to in good conscience allow editing via Custom Experience buttons or Edit Frames.  For situations like this you can use Sitecore’s content editor rendering to allow the users to be given a fresh and focused Content Editor window to manage specifically the task at hand and no other.


Running this code will result in opening a new tab that has a content tree that looks like this.


Now the authors are free to add, modify, or remove news items freely without the need for overly confusing component context menu buttons or edit frames.

Dynamically rendered Content Editor focus

To take this even further you can use the technique i outlined here to open a new content editor context focused on the specific datasource item.  This would be particularly useful if you had a component that relied on child items to add or remove items available to a pick list, or an entire subtree of data to generate content.