TokenManager 2

The release of 2 is accomplishing what i set out to do in the first place.  Come up with a framework to handle any injection of anything into a rich text field in Sitecore, and to do so robustly and easily allow expansion hooks into the core functionality of the module.


A special thanks to @kamsar for many of the enhancement ideas here.

How do i get it?

Install the Nuget package

How do i upgrade?

The only manual step needed is to transform your token root, which prior to 2 was simply a system/node template to the new token root template.  The new node can be found here:

/sitecore/templates/System/Token Manager/Root

What’s new?

  1. Tokens no longer are bound to a type of collection, now there is one type of collection that any token can belong to
  2. There can be multiple roots, this is particularly useful in multisite instances
  3. Expanded filtering capabilities
    1. Basic filtering capabilities have been added in several spots, a basic usage of this would be to set each token root to a particular site root item.  This would make it so the tokens defined under that root are only available to RTE fields that belong to an item that lives under that site root.
    2. filtering.png
  4. Simplified creation of custom tokens into a three step process.
    1. Create a class that inherits SitecoreBasedToken
    2. Create a template that inherits TokenBase /sitecore/templates/System/Token Manager/System/Token Base
    3. set up a config entry for your token connecting the things you made in the first two steps.
 <testToken templateId="{E5DF19BF-A7A8-4858-A0F8-D29659211F1C}" type="[namespace].TokenDemo, [binary name]" ></testToken> 

In depth tutorials coming soon.