Getting Started with Token Manager

Token Manger was designed to be as easy to install as possible, so it’s no surprise that it’s only a few steps

  1. Install the nuget package in the project that represents your web root
    1. this will come with a config patch file
  2. Anywhere in the content section, add a Token Root item.  It can be found here: /sitecore/templates/System/Token Manager/RootTokenRoot
    1. These Templates self install on first startup of Sitecore with the Token Manager
  3. Follow the Insert Options to create a token item
    1. tokenrootInsertOptions
    2. tokenfolderinsertoptions
    3. tokencollectioninsertoptions.png
  4. Optionally set a filter on the token to white list it to certain RTE fields, this can be done on the token root, token folder, or token collection items
    1. You can filter by template type or item ancestor.  For example if you only want tokens to be usable on a particular component, set a filter to only that item
    2. filtering.png
  5. In an applicable RTE utilize your token
    1.  tmicon
    2. tmform