Token Manager Custom Token Button

After hearing from some content authors that Token Manager was difficult to train newer people to use, i set out to build a system to create RTE toolbar shortcuts to tokens, to make it as easy and simple as possible to insert a token


AutoTokens have a shortcut for this feature, if you look at the implementation of the AutoToken interface you’ll see you can override a property for TokenButton.

    public override TokenButton TokenButton()
        return new TokenButton()
            Name = "Insert a spiffy date token",
            Icon = "Office/32x32/explosion.png"

However you can add this for any token manually in the RTE profile.

  1. Create a new button using the template {3C8BD8A1-280B-4278-BB8B-21FA3B87AF0F} – Rich Editor Button
  2. in the field “Click” add “TokenManager” + {unique identifier without white space}.  It doesn’t really matter what the identifier is you choose as long as it’s unique.
    1. for example it could be TokenManagerDateToken
  3. Under shortcut put the query string variables for the token category and name
    1. for example ?Category=Demo Token&Token=Date Token

This can ease up on the learning curve for Token Manager and make it a system that any level of author can use.