Sidekick Migration Presets

What is it

If you find yourself regularly multi-selecting the same several nodes while performing a Sidekick content migrator Sync then this update is for you. With defined presets you can configure and fully control a convenient single button that will configure and execute a sync for you.

How to get it

This is added in Sidekick 1.5.6

How to configure it

The configuration happens in your .local configuration as a sibling element to the servers node.
here is a gist of the applicable xml snippet

  • Here you can see the entire set of default control options. If your operation uses these options you may omit them to be defaulted to this parameter value. For example omitting overwrite=”true” from your xml node attributes will still default to true
  • A list of serverBlacklist nodes can be used to deny this preset operation on a particular environment. If you didn’t want a full content load to come from Dev for instance this might be useful
  • A list of serverWhitelist nodes can be defined to only allow this operation on a particular server and no others
  • Note: black and white list servers should match the server URLs defined in the servers xml node
  • a list of GUID based sources are defined to set a list of root pull loations